Convert an Image and an Audio File to a Movie in Linux, BSD or other UNIX-like

I developed a small script to create video from images with audio for Youtube. Since the script was developed using only bash commands, it can be easily installed and used on any UNIX environment.

Download and Install

To install Mp3Totube, copy the script file mp3totube into a directory. For example:

cd /usr/local/bin
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/mp3totube


Run the script using as input the chosen image, the audio file and the output video type (by extension).

For example, to convert a single wav audio file to a mp4 video:

 mp3totube cover.jpg song_to_video.wav .mp4

The output will be the video “song_to_video.mp4”. The image “conver.jpg” will be in all frames.

To convert each .mp3 file in a directory to the correspondent .avi video:

$ mp3totube album_cover.png *.mp3 .avi

In this case, if the directory contains the “music1.mp3”, “song2.mp3” and “track.mp3”, the output will be “music1.avi”, “song2.avi” and “track.avi”. The image “album_cover.png” will be in all frames of these three videos.

See more at project’s page: