PyMetrikz is a python tool and module package that implements several visual quality metrics algorithms. These algorithms are comparison functions that differentiate the original image (reference) with a modified version of the image (query). All algorithms implemented in this package requires operate on two images with the same size. For reference image and query image with distinct sizes, PyMetrikz is out of scope.


PyKL is a keylogger developed to run under Linux in x86 and AMD64 architectures. PyKL was created to be a simple Python script that sniffs all keystrokes from ioport 0x60 and translate to keymap file. It basically operates like LKL (Linux Key Logger), but with the difference that works without keystroke delay or mouse interference.

Scala Sudoku Solver

Scala Sudoku Solver (3S) is a little program to solve sudoku puzzles.


Mp3ToTube is a script for converting an image and audio to a video. Using only bash commands, this script allows you to generate a single music or an entire album in a format acceptable by Youtube.


PyXKeylogger is a keylogger developed to run under Unix-like systems in x86 and AMD64 architectures. PyXKeylogger was created to be a simple Python script that sniffs all keystrokes using xinput. This code was developed based on Rutkowska's blog post "The Linux Security Circus: On GUI isolation"


SimpleKeyLogger is a program which works like a tape recorder running in hidden mode on Microsoft Windows. It runs hidden in the background and automatically records almost all keystrokes. This key-logger is very small in size, has low system requirements, is undetectable by antivirus and is able to send all recorded data to a server.

Java MalwareDownloader

This is not really a project. The code available on this link consists of a small example of how to download and execute malicious programs in Java.

Adaptative Huffman Coder and Decoder

This project is a C++ implementation for compress and decompress files using the Huffman coding. The main idea of this project is that the output could be compressed with a simple algorithm. The Huffman table is created dynamically. Therefore, the Huffman codes and the compression are both generated at the same time, which makes this implementation fast and low memory consumer.

Lempel-Ziv-Welch Coder and Decoder in Fortran

This project is a Fortran implementation to compress and decompress files using the Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) algorithm. LZW is a general compression algorithm able to compress almost any type of data. It is generally fast in both compressing and decompressing data and does not require the use of floating-point operations. Also, because LZW writes compressed data as bytes and not as words, LZW-encoded output can be identical on both big-endian and little-endian systems, although you may still encounter some bitwise problems.


The old classic tic-tac-toe game written in C99.


A simple process dispatcher and process manager in Python.

Smartgrid 421AC

Create your own smart grid network to manage electric power resources. The Smartgrid 421AC is a system to manage and optimize energy systems using a web interface.


Halftones is a Python library used to compute several halftones types and them inverses. This project contains several halftone/dithering implemented techniques. It works fine with both Python 2 and 3.


PyColorTools is a python library that implements some utilities functions for color conversion from RGB to YCbCr (YUV) and back. This library also implements functions to join 3 independent grayscale channels to a single color image. The split function, used to separate the 3-dimension color image to 3 gray images with 1 dimension each, is also implemented.


Watertone is a python library that implements reversible methods to convert color graphics and pictures to printable images. Some implemented methods are based on wavelet-space watermarking. Other methods in this library are designed to watermark the color information directly on the printable halftones.